Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dry spell

Or "how to go to school, make yarn, work and not lose your sanity. " as I lay here tying this with one finger I do wonder if I just might be nuts to keep all these plates spinning. 

During the winter I did a very fun project for crafty planet. I was their custom yarn dyer for the annual spring yarn shop hop. I probably should have promoted it more but Trish wanted to keep the colorway a surprise.

I was super happy when she texted me about halfway through the event to say it was selling well. And even more surprised the next day to hear it had sold out. That made all the energy I put into it so much more worthwhile. 

The pattern she designed is a cute hat and wristlet set. Check out how great the yarn looks in the Pompon. 

Shortly after the shop hop it was time for craftstravaganza. It was a good day, not my best sale ever, but good enough to keep me motivated to apply for no-coast again.