Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Candles, etc

my motive to sell you a votive

A colorful display at no-coast 2011
hand dyed yarn and soy candles probably seem like an odd combination for a craft booth. sometimes i think it would make more sense to do one or the other in a bigger way, but i really like making both. the candles are pretty easy to crank out and they appeal to a wider audience than the yarn. pretty much everyone stops to sniff a candle or two, but not everybody is tuned into the fiber world (strange, right?) so i like having a little something for everyone.

i have been spending so much time working on and talking up the yarn that i worry the poor little soy candles will feel left out. so let me tell you, these are some groovy candles. the soy wax is eco-friendly, they have cotton wicks that burn cleanly and the soy wax burns for a long, long time.

this year i have a bunch of new scents and a few more options for gift giving (or a cheap holiday something to treat yourself)

darling dinner party images by jennifer simonson

as usual, i'm offering votives in 10 scents (including some lovely fall/winter notes of pine, orange, currant and spice) for make-your-own gift boxes for $8
i will also have pre-made gift boxes in a variety of scents, also $8
and NEW for this year, sweet 4-ounce covered candle tins, perfect for gifts! these are a test run to gauge interest and they're just $5 each. supply is very limited.

not too smelly

 fyi, as the proprietor, i have decided that since i don't like a candle that hits you over the head or makes your eyes water when you walk in a room that i am going to use a lighter touch with the fragrance oil than those mall candle shops, just so you know.

nocoast 2010

i can't wait to see you at nocoast on friday and saturday!

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  1. Sent you a message through Etsy as well but I found your debit card at the gas station. Email me at darwinjulia@gmail.com to tell me the best way for me to get it back to you.