Thursday, May 10, 2012

i can do no more

the yarn is dyed, tagged and ready to go. and the candles are (mostly) done. i have new candle box labels this year with colorful art (see below) and have a spot for writing the candle scent. this will work out way better if i choose to put more of these in stores. no other big changes other than a few gussied-up signs. same prices, same general set-up.

then why do i have this overwhelming feeling of unpreparedness about the show? what have i forgotten? will anyone come? will they promote the second building? what if it rains?

i guess all i can do now is make a list, check things off, pack the car and go. and hope there will be a good crowd.

see you there!


  1. I'll be there! :) And, there's also the Friends School plant sale at the fairgrounds, so it's going to be super-busy around there, rain or shine.
    I almost forgot to include a table and chairs when packing for HandmadeMN and was feeling just fine about my packing skills :)

  2. yay, i hope i can get over to the plant sale beforehand!