Tuesday, April 24, 2012

two weeks to go

the excitement is building, y'all! it's almost time for craftstravaganza!
this is going to be a big year for the show. it has expanded to two buildings (i will be in the progress center, right in the middle of everything) and i couldn't be more excited.

after my pal amelia sprout planted the idea in my head last year i started thinking hard about rainbow yarn. the folks at kauni do a great job with long color runs in their striping yarns but it's so blasted skinny. i wanted to try it with a thicker yarn that knits up faster. i have six or eight skeins ready to go now and will try to get a few more cranked out for the show. i've done traditional rainbow colors, variations of blue and purple and some earth tones. here's a few shots of what i've done so far.

this one is so bright it freaked out my cameraphone!
 this one has some lingering white specks which i will now refer to as a "design element"

here are the dyed balls all ready to be made into a hank. let me just tell you now that getting this untangled is, um, challenging. if i didn't have a little bit of ocd, i couldn't do this.

 here is my very low-tech canning jar dye-bath simmering station where i keep all the yarn balls separate during dyeing.

stay tuned for a candle update....

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