Sunday, February 5, 2012

new yarn!

i can only guess what visitors to my etsy shop have been asking themselves... what happened to london? where did she go? i just saw her at no-coast and she seemed fine but now her shop is empty and she's not blogging. what's happening?

or maybe not. there's really nothing going on... except the fact that i'm working full time, tending the yarn biz, volunteering and taking a biology class. instead of prolonging the "what if" talk about going back to school, i'm just jumping in, one class at a time until i know what i'm doing for sure. it's a good thing i have a hobby that calms my soul a little bit because i'm really crazy busy.

i just listed 10 new yarns and i'm getting busy early this year so i'm not stressing the month before craftstravaganza. i think this new batch of yarns pretty accurately represents the variety of yarn i have at my booth. i'm pretty excited about the new batch of blank yarn i got from webs. it's got tons of yardage and it soaks up the dye like crazy. see?

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