Monday, February 27, 2012

new dyes are amazing

last sunday i dyed up some blank yarn with my new dye from dharma trading. the results were pretty fantastic. the colors are super vibrant and it's easy to work with. i'm not completely giving up on my trusty jacquard, but the results i'm getting from the (much cheaper) dharma dye are amazing and i plan on doing a lot more experimenting. i plan on having about 30 new skeins of worsted ready for craftstravaganza. the vendor list was recently posted for the may 12, 2012 show. i'm excited that it'll be in two buildings this year. more crafty goodness for everybody! no word yet on my booth location. i do hope i'm still in the vicinity of adam turman as he always draws a big crowd!

1 comment:

  1. Those are gorgeous! I love the bright colors. Look forward to seeing you at Craftstravaganza - I'm just going to shop this year - vending at Handmade MN the weekend before, and I cannot handle two weekends in a row :)