Friday, January 13, 2012

yikes, it's been a while

what was that blur? i think it was december and early january that just whizzed by. or maybe time has stopped and it's still the week after no-coast. because i don't know where the time has gone or what the heck i have been so busy with. but i have been busy. as much as i want to just hop off the speeding train and fall into a deep savasana, i just keep going. there were some holidays in there. i decorated, un-decorated (mostly) and baked. we traveled and now we're back into our cold-weather routines. every january i tell myself that i could get the whole house organized if i just focused on one room, one box or whatever each day and the place would be magically whipped into shape. but what do i do? instead of actually tackling that box of junk, i turn on some dumb tv show or meander the internet. can i make this resolution happen or am i kidding myself once again? i really am happier when i can see the horizontal surfaces of my house and not all the crap that clutters them.

until i can offer some evidence of progress on that front, here's a lovely shawl made with my handspun by a sweet etsy customer. beautiful, right?

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