Friday, October 21, 2011

candle corn? corndles?

look at these ridiculous candles! i have made a giant batch of candy corn candles for the handmadeMN show tomorrow. they have a light orange blossom scent and would be just the thing on your spooky halloween tabletop or glimmering inside mr. jack o. lantern. this is a limited run! but if they sell, maybe i'll do something similar for xmas.

and don't forget the yarn...

please come see me and all the other amazing local etsy sellers at handmadeMN market!

Monday, October 17, 2011

happy hat lady

the sweet little aviator cap was a big hit with mama jaime at her big baby shower event on sunday. this pattern was a breeze and really fun to work up with striping yarn. i wish i could remember which shepherd's harvest vendor i got this from back in 2010. it's delicious superwash sock yarn that changes color every three inches or so. her other treats were my very favorite board book and a fetching bib from bibelot shop.
it's really crazy to think that 13 years ago i was being feted with my own baby shower for our january arrival. time just flies. cliche but so, so true. it was a great ride but it's great to be where we are right now. kiddo is 13 and far more interesting and entertaining than i could have imagined.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

why i'm so busy

this needs to be a baby hat by 1 p.m. sunday afternoon. um, yeah. why do i do this to myself? can't i just buy a clever bib or onesie and call it good? when people know you as "the friend who knits" there is an expectation that you will, in fact, knit. i didn't use my time very well this week and here i am, scrambling to knit this teeny little thing on size 3s. it will be super cute, though. babies look extra cute in those little aviator caps. stay tuned!

you know what else? 
the leaves are turning, the christmas merchandise is sneaking into the stores and it's dark by dinnertime. hello fall. it's time for craft shows. a week from saturday is handmadeMN market - a new one for me. i will have my usual selection of soy votives, handspun and dyed yarns, scrap balls and spinning fiber available. october 22 at the ballentine vfw in minneapolis.

The textile center holiday show is coming up, too. this huge event features the work of textile artisans from all over the state. this is a fun shopping event starting in november and continuing through the end of the year. i'll be selling dyed yarn (sock through worsted weight) and handspun bulky. i have several new mohair-blend yarns for this sale. they're extra fuzzy and plush for holiday knits or gift giving. november 11-dec. 31 at the textile center in minneapolis.

and last, but not least, i am thrilled to be back at no-coast this year. check out these fab vendors. this is THE indie craft sale of the season. the venue, midtown global market, is amazing. so many awesome food choices there. bubble tea, tamales, tortas, fancy pastries, asian, caribbean, middle eastern - you name it! dec 2-3 at midtown global market in minneapolis.