Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A plug for the kids on Etsy

Meet Pearl
I got a package today from one of my very favorite Etsy sellers. Pearl at PerfectlyPotholders is not just fabulously creative with a superb eye for color and meticulous design, but she's also a busy teenager. Her award-winning potholders have won me over and I will never use any other kind. These aren't the shaggy kind you made in summer camp that your mom said she loved because you made them. (She probably burned her hands and put them away when company came.) Pearl's potholders are made with what i think must be the best cotton loops ever made and her colors are very vibrant. They wash up like a dream and my oldest ones still look as spiffy as this new pair. This was a custom order. I gave Pearl permission to make something crazy and colorful. She Rocked It.

Pearl, you are welcome to use these images on your site or etsy shop.

And Emily
Tied for first place with Pearl is Emily of Nutheads, a newcomer to the Etsy world. Emily has been a creative genius from day one. She is a magnificent artist. She knits with skill far beyond her years, better than most adults i know. She is a gifted writer, athlete, dancer and musician. Honestly, this one is amazing.  Emily recently launched her shop. She sells tiny little poseable dolls with acorn caps on their little round heads. These nuthead dolls have amazing details. She makes their bodies with wire wrapped in embroidery floss then fashions tiny little clothes with the most delicate, teeny embroidery patterns. A doll like hers would look so cute posing on a bookshelf or even as an ornament on a holiday tree. Do explore her shop. All her dolls have a story and she has created collections around themes like the solar system and the rainbow.

This is Rhianna

And meet Irina, buy her!!

good luck to you both! i can't wait to see what you do next!

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