Friday, July 15, 2011

i treasure it

i felt like the cool kid in school when i stumbled upon etsy in the winter of 2006. it really was love at first sight  to  feast on the amazing clearing house of crafts, art and vintage kitsch. (every day the internet just amazes me with the world's collective ingenuity and creativity) my first purchase was a set of those button-style fridge magnets laminated with retro school-book images. i shared them with my girlfriends on a weekend trip to new york. they were smitten with the idea of a global craft bazaar and strongly suggested that i join up. since they were so nice and supportive, let's have a look at their cute faces...

 joyce, flora, emily and jann somewhere in nyc. we did a ton of walking that day.

these ladies are some of my dearest friends from a very fun and happy time in my life. way back in the 90s we worked together in raleigh, n.c. here we just finished up a lovely picnic in gramercy park.

i adore this photo of the gang on the brooklyn bridge. flora was the only one who knew her photo was being taken and she looks lovely. the rest of us look like dorks. and that's ok.

wait, we were talking about etsy, weren't we?

oh, yeah.

one of the most unique things about etsy, is all the interesting ways you can shop for and discover new artists and their work. you can search by material, location, color, and any keyword you can imagine. but the one that i am becoming most smitten with is the treasury. (ok, a treasury is a themed collection of items curated by etsy members.) this is a fairly recent discovery and i'm a little embarrassed to say that it wasn't until about a year ago that i realized that the ever-changing lineup on the etsy front page is actually a rotating featured treasury. doh!
i would get these notifications from time to time that such-and-so-seller was using one of my yarns in a treasury and i would be like "yay, you." not having a clue that this sweet person (with spectacular good taste!) was giving my item free advertising by including it. it was then that i decided to jump in and give it a go and return the favor. i wasn't sure of the etiquette. do i send emails to everyone i include or will they figure it out? will people think my collections are "artsy" enough? is it annoying to tweet about it?

here's a look at the treasuries i have created so far.
(except for queens and cowboys, that was lydia) and i would love your feedback. what do you think of the themes, items picked and their presentation?

 here's a closer-up screen grab of my most recent back-to-school themed treasury. click to see more! 

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