Monday, June 13, 2011

vacation day 1

what do i do when i'm not at work? i get stuff done.

there's nothing i enjoy more than ticking tasks off a to-do list then treating myself to a big ol' nap.

let's see how the day progresses, shall we? i am going to try to chronicle the activities of the day. this may just be the OCD talking but here goes.

dropped the car off at the repair shop. it needs both outer cv joints replaced. sweet jesus, that's going to be spendy. but this is a good shop and the guys are nice.

walked to bakery. no bran muffins. so i had to have a chocolate doughnut. looked at the display of graduation and wedding cakes. they were all pretty dusty. sat at a table and imagined how i would redecorate bakery if it was my own.

walked to new target and waited outside for my ride. the store is built on a former cornfield and in the process of turning the land from pristine fields of green to a concrete wasteland a number of big, lovely round rocks have come unearthed. i found two really good melon-sized  ones and snuck them into the truck when T. arrived.

while riding home with giant rocks in my lap i decided that the truck really, really needed to be vacuumed. i think an entire bag of chex mix has been ground into the carpet over the course of the winter.

while T. ate his maple long john from dorothy ann's i mixed up a batch of my new favorite chocolate chip cookies. they are so toffee-licious. it's an interesting recipe as you brown the butter and mix everything together by hand. the dough is refrigerated overnight then brought to room temperature and baked. they are crazy good.

completed above vacuuming. found all of the gone-missing laminated maps. yay. not too many surprises besides the chex mix. a couple skittles, a partial french fry and a few gum wrappers.

began writing this post.

T.  had to make a bunch of work phone calls so we went out for some girl time. L. hit the big sale at her most favorite store. I managed not to pass out from the cacophony of scents and exuberant sales ladies. After that we had lunch and made a run to Costco for fruit, zyrtec, maple syrup, dishwasher pellets and a 24-pack of frozen fruit bars.

the repair shop said the car would be ready at five, so i was able to get in a yoga class before picking up my ride. it was a good class but i was a little unsteady. i nearly tipped over trying to do a side twist in crescent lunge and no way was i doing crow after launching myself into a somersault on saturday. during savasana i decided i was hungry for corn salad for dinner so made a lightning stop at target (no rocks this time) to get the stuff.

so now i'm digesting my dinner, wondering if i should go work out later or just chill. i have been running around a lot today. but tomorrow will be a lot more sedentary.

i just polled my housemates. they told me to go work out.

and now i am officially pooped. thanks for coming on the adventure of monday, june 13 with me. see you next time.

a late add: L has now seen her first episodes of Dragnet and Adam 12. Thanks, hulu!

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