Sunday, June 5, 2011

summer's here.. how did that happen?

window box flowers!

it has been a very busy month, i had a million things going on: the hectic schedule of a 7th grader combined with a long daily commute, a new exercise regimen, getting the house painted, planting a garden, planning lyd's summer vacation schedule and trying so achieve even the slightest sense of calm and order in my life. yeah, right.

i am trying to simplify. i am purging unnecessary clutter from my house and it feels really good. i have taken carloads of stuff to goodwill. clothes from the 90s? well, if they come back in style i will be out of luck. i just had to let it go. even lydia joined in and agreed to part with 10 trash bags of old toys. we put away the most precious books and treasures but all that plastic crap? it's gone. good riddance. my goal is to go through every room this summer and weed out everything i don't love or can't really use. i need to make this happen. i am so affected by my surroundings and as a homebody, it makes me nuts when i don't feel at peace in my home.

i am paring down my activities, too. i am trying to wrap up a few freelance assignments and am making candles only on special order now. i do have a small craft show on friday, but i'm not making any new yarn or candles. the show is just three hours and realistically, i have plenty of stuff on hand. this will be the first time i sell candles on in pre-made boxes. my current candle transport system bangs them up too much and toting them more than once gets them looking a bit shabby. so to keep things as pretty as possible, into the boxes they go. i may offer them at a sweet discount, stay tuned!

the show is the diy unraveled event being held at the u of m's rapson hall on friday, june 10 from 6-9. it's sponsored by the textile center of minnesota and should be a really good time with lots of fun activities.  i'll have candles and yarn as usual. do check out the vendor list at the link above.

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