Monday, May 2, 2011

for the win!

i was just delighted by the constant flow of visitors to my booth on saturday. craftstravaganza was a huge success! i had a wonderful time meeting all of you, getting your sweet praise on my yarns and seeing so many old friends. i am thrilled with the sales and hope to do a few shows this summer. yay!

here's the booth in all its yarny glory just moments before the crowd busted in. it was a nasty, cold, windy day outside.
a big thanks to my friend and early-bird shopper judy for catching my stupid pricing error on the candles. they were not $5 a box, but $8. my original sign didn't fit well within the frame so after set-up on friday night i made another. well, i clearly wasn't lucid at that moment and typed in an incorrect price. i think i overcharged only one person. whoever you are, i am sorry!

the bags of fiber were very popular. needle felting, wet felting, wool-felt toy making are all really big right now and folks seemed really jazzed about the colors.

i sold out of sock and bulky hand dyed and the scrap balls were very popular, too. the handspun didn't fly off the table like it did last year but the other stuff did great. i learn so much at each show and i really take all your comments to heart!i really am humble by your continuing support.


  1. Your booth looks adorable! I was working Saturday (at Sewtropolis in Mpls) and a woman came in after visiting Craftstravaganza and she had bought some bags of the wool fiber there and was so excited she had to show me! She was visiting from Seattle and was SO impressed with our craft fair. She said everything was so 'modern' - we know how to put on a good show here in Mpls.... ermm.. St. Paul... don't we!!

  2. thanks! i actually think i remember that woman. she was very sweet. yes, it was a very "modern" show. we are pretty hip.

    my friend cindy of caddie jo designs buys fabric from your shop!! small world.