Sunday, March 20, 2011

a good day to dye

finally, a batch of roving caught on film.

well, i had been putting this off for a while so now that we're back from vacation i have fresh motivation to get my hands dirty in the dyepot. i sent the family out on some errands this morning to give me the time to quickly dye up some nebraska roving from the brown sheep mill and some really soft alpaca from northern minnesota. now it's drip drying in the basement. i'll take some fans down to speed things up.

i'm digging that murky camo-hued batch that's second from the left in the middle photo.

i have tons of already-dyed purple/green/dark blue on hand that i can't wait to mix in with the variegated blue alpaca. stay tuned, as soon as this batch is dry i will be spinning like crazy.


  1. These are fabulous color combinations, London. I can't wait to see how the yarn spins up. You are so talented, my friend!

  2. it's always fun to play with color, there's no wrong answer. honestly, the weirdest combinations of colors make the prettiest yarn.