Sunday, March 27, 2011

cat stretch

so i have been spinning. and spinning. so much that my right hand is kinda numb. it was already suffering a blistered thumb after a hot candle incident in mexico. yes, i should know better.. but who lets wicks get that close to the glass jar? i sizzled off a good part of my right thumb. my spinning thumb. so this week it's been bandaids  and pain. and even with the bandaid, i had to be careful. those little brown filaments in a fabric bandaid can catch in the wool and before you know it, you have bandaid fibers in your yarn. gross. i can deal with a few cat hairs, but not icky bandaids.

so the thumb is trying to heal, the wrist is sore in it's own funky way from excessive spinning and i feel like a cold might be coming. everyone in my office has been sneezing, hacking and snorting all winter. it's getting to me. so, i'm trying to bring a little balance into the routine. a couple of yoga classes a week get me stretched out and centered (sort of). i have been enjoying the classes at yoga fresh here in woodbury. it's a pretty little studio, a space that looks and feels very un-woodbury. the late saturday afternoon class was really nice. something about all the windows and the warm afternoon glow on the remaining snow filled the room with the nicest light. i felt like little fontina (above) on my yoga mat.

remember the roving i dyed last sunday? here are some finished yarns. i'm very happy with this new blank roving from the sheep shed studio. the wool is from nebraska, colorado, and wyoming. not local-local, but pretty local, for wool anyway. here are three skeins i made this week.

 and what a cool, cool discovery i made today while killing time looking at knitting on the internet...

one of my favorite and most supportive local customers made this stunning kindle cozy with some of my dyed bulky-weight yarn. see more on her blog. her use of herringbone stitch for the flap is genius, right?

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