Friday, February 4, 2011

watching the wheel go round

thanks, leslie, for the pic.
last week i got some very exciting mail from carol at the sheep shed studio. this is a wonderful small business that YOU should check out. ok, the website design is kinda dated and hard to navigate but that makes it more like a treasure hunt. carol has some amazing fiber finds. she lives in the beautiful wyoming countryside just a few hours from the brown sheep yarn mill in mitchell, nebraska. she buys their mill-end rovings and yarns and sells them at a terrific discount. she also dabbles in dyeing and every now and then i buy a pound or two of whatever she has in the dye pot. no custom orders, it's just totally random and i love the surprise. this time just might be the best. i GASPED when i saw this excellent color combination... sadly, i didn't shoot it until after it was spun. what do you think?

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