Thursday, February 10, 2011

looking with a critical eye

i have been thinking a lot about etsy lately. how my shop has been so quiet compared to this time last year. things have dropped off a lot and to be totally honest, it's pretty discouraging. while i have been doing great at craft shows, it would be fantastic to be making a couple sales a week on etsy. it would keep me motivated knowing that my shop was a destination for people who want this kind of product. it would be more fun to make the yarn knowing there was a demand for it!

the beauty of etsy is that it showcases beautiful things. but even the loveliest gem won't look very sparkly if it isn't photographed well. good photos are the number one reason people click on your shop.

i am taking steps to make better pictures. i recently upgraded to CS5 and hope to get a new camera before too long. while i am really comfortable styling photos when someone else is shooting, i am a beginner behind the camera. and it shows. i need to get practicing... learning how to take advantage of the beautiful light this snowy winter brings into my home and take more photos.

and stop feeling sorry for myself!

so, for all you photographers out there. i am soliciting your advice. i want to make better pix of yarn. the top photo is one of mine, the second is what i am hoping to learn to create myself.

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