Tuesday, January 11, 2011

promises, promises

this yarn here is a kitten-soft merino wool sock yarn from new zealand. it took the dye like crazy and would make a fun pair of socks or a fancy scarf.

yes! i have finally added several things to the etsy shop. and lucky for me, it's happening at a great time. etsy has made a big improvement for sellers. it used to be that each time you wanted to add a new item to your shop that was identical or similar to a previous item, you had to cut and paste every text field and it was a tedious operation unless you used a hack program. now you can just copy a listing, subbing out the information you want to update quite easily.

loving the new activity feed, too. but would really like to see a wee bit more, um, activity. so if you pay a visit to  my shop and see something you like, show me some "favorite" love!

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