Friday, January 21, 2011

Warm and fuzzy

Last Sunday I got the great news that I have been accepted again as a vendor at Craftstravaganza! I consider myself very lucky as I know they always get more applicants than they have spots for. So I'm thrilled to be part of the mix. My cube neighbor at work will also have her own booth. She makes the cutest little girl's raincoats!

There is a lot of work to do before April 30. So this week I've started gearing up. Made an order of soy wax, wicks and a couple new fragrances. I dyed up some of the fluffy wool batting I got last summer at the St. Peter Woolen Mill. This is interesting stuff. They sell it primarily as batting for quilts and comforters, but it works fine for spinning. It was fascinating to see  my giant 2-pound batt come off the huge, commercial drum carder. I'm told the wool is from the upper Midwest but it's all processed in Minnesota. It takes the dye very well and makes a soft, slightly fuzzy yarn. I like plying it with Merino or Corriedale for a bit of extra sheen.

This weekend I'll bring the wheel down from the spare room and set up my "spinning station" in the living room in front of my favorite chair. Photos to come! Until then, how about some cute lambs?

A group of four-day old lambs relax in the straw at sheep rancher Chuck Dallas' ranch near Wilsall, Mont.,
Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Erik Petersen

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

promises, promises

this yarn here is a kitten-soft merino wool sock yarn from new zealand. it took the dye like crazy and would make a fun pair of socks or a fancy scarf.

yes! i have finally added several things to the etsy shop. and lucky for me, it's happening at a great time. etsy has made a big improvement for sellers. it used to be that each time you wanted to add a new item to your shop that was identical or similar to a previous item, you had to cut and paste every text field and it was a tedious operation unless you used a hack program. now you can just copy a listing, subbing out the information you want to update quite easily.

loving the new activity feed, too. but would really like to see a wee bit more, um, activity. so if you pay a visit to  my shop and see something you like, show me some "favorite" love!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

what's new?

well, um... nothing. i have taken a big break from spinning, dyeing and candle crafting since no-coast. but that's just about over. once this busy january wraps up i'll be back at it. what's coming? well, i am fully resolved to getting the etsy shop back in shape. I plucked out all the inventory for the show and it's just been sitting there all sad ever since. I took a bunch of photos yesterday of the most recent batch of handpainted sock and sportweight yarns and the colors are just perfect for this ridiculously cold winter. stay tuned. here's a little handspun happiness in the meantime.