Thursday, December 16, 2010

just putting it out there in case anyone is looking....

we're all sold but we have friends who need good homes.
if you were running a certain st. paul springtime craft show you'd want a handspun yarn vendor there wouldn't you? yeah, i knew you would.

hey, in other news, i have been working on a little holiday-inspired craft. a yarn wreath. no pics yet because it's not done AND i dont really know what i'm doing so no step-by-step tutorial. stay tuned, with xmas right around the corner i need to get this finished and up on the door. stand by!

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  1. Guess what St. Paul craft show falls directly on my 48th birthday. Yea, not applying this year ... do NOT want to be schlepping on a day when I should be at a spa. !!!! ;-)