Saturday, November 13, 2010

i make candles, too

A couple of years ago I was bragging to my friend Jane about how I had "invented" a way to make candles. I would save the burned-down scraps of old candles to remelt into new candles. I was super proud of my thrift and showed her my silly little setup: The old saucepan full of wax shards and a few feet of cotton wicking. She told me she had been making candles for a few years (this was a complete surprise as I had never, ever heard her mention any kind of crafty pursuit). No Way! People do that?

Anyhoo, a few weeks later a big, ridiculously heavy box showed up on my doorstep. Jane had sent me a complete candle-making setup. Soon we had about 100 votives sitting around the house. Lydia decided she'd sell them around the neighborhood and the rest is history. My candles are soy wax with cotton wicks and I don't go too crazy with the fragrance. I got these cute boxes for no-coast and will be selling both pre-packaged four-packs and giving shoppers the option to make their own.

thanks neon.mamacita for the pic.

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  1. what pretty packaging! i am excited to drop by and say hi at no coast. can't believe it's coming up so soon! hope you are staying sane. :)