Thursday, October 14, 2010

i'm gonna be a no-coast vendor

New handspun... not for sale at because i have to get ready for my first BIG show. Props to my friend leslie at for the most excellent photos.

Hey, friends. it's been a while. but i am going to try to do this blog in earnest now that i actually have something to keep people updated on (otherwise my world is rather quiet). I just found out a few weeks ago that i have been chosen to be a vendor at the big no-coast craft show in minneapolis on dec. 3-4 at midtown global market. i really wasn't expecting the news and i am a newbie to the whole craft scene with only a couple shows under my belt.

i have been spinning and dyeing almost every day in anticipation. very thankful that the weather is warm and the skeins dry while i'm at work. soon i'll move the operation down the basement where the process slows down a bit. at least the house stays nicely hydrated with all that wet wool so close to the furnace.

if my hands stay limber i am planning on making a skein a day til the show. we'll see if that crazy talk is actually going to work.

and here is  the button i made for the no-coast website.

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  1. I am hoping to make it to that!
    -Kim Robinson